… to serve as a resource for 21st-century singers, actors, speakers, teachers, coaches, and all other professional and recreational voice users.

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My studio belongs to the new generation of vocal pedagogy & Vocology. Vocology is the science and practice of voice habilitation (and, if necessary, supportive rehabilitation with Speech Language Pathologists, Laryngologists etc.) which includes evaluation, diagnosis, and behavioral intervention. It combines  in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, acoustics and voice medicine. Habilitation is the process of enabling, equipping for, or capacitating. Voice habilitation is therefore more than repairing a voice, or bringing it back to a normal state. It includes the process of building and strengthening the voice to meet specific needs.” (Titze and Verdolini-Abbott, 2012). More broadly, it is the study of vocalization. 

This special qualification allows me to work with a variety of vocalists (singers, actors, clergy, teachers, politicians etc.) on a myriad of vocal problems in both the singing and the speaking voice, to transition from a post-

therapy phase  toward an optimal level of vocal activity.

As one solves technical problems with this precise and practical knowledge of the vocal instrument, the end-product is more assured and the joy we desire, for both performer and audience, is attainable on a surer and more-quickly-acquired basis.

The vocal technique that I teach in my studio is based on a healthy, sustainable vocal technique in a supportive environment to help voice users reach their potential in a variety of genres, including classical, musical theatre, and pop.

I am committed to providing the absolute best quality to anyone — Singer, Actor, Voice Teacher, Priest, Manager, Choral Director looking for new resources — who wants to build, improve and/or enhance their voice; continue with their remedial or adaptive technical work; or benefit from the social and health rewards of singing.

The practical work of Pro Voce’s principal, Angelika Nair, is backed by over 25 years of experience on stage, in the voice studio and in the lab.

I bring the knowledge to bear through


  • PRIVATE VOICE LESSONS (both on site and via the Internet),
  • COACHING (both on site and via the Internet)
  • PUBLICATIONS (DVDs, videos, books and articles)

The educational activities of the company stand on a tripartite foundation consisting of:


Building on this solid foundation, I concentrate on

  • a healthy and sustainable vocal technique (learning how your instrument works, that is, learning the anatomy and physiology of one’s body and how to translate/ transfer and apply it practically);
  • using your own voice (what approaches will best work for you to bring out the power in your voice for the genre of your artistic identity).

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for inquiries about lessons and fees. There are 30 or 60 minute sessions available.

Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic I am currently teaching remotely only.